*AM/INT/PR/PAM CH Rio's Warrior Prince of Xena *MBISS CH Bear Creek's Sahara O'Shan-Ku   *Bear Creek's Tommy boy Of Shan-Ku   *BISS CH Moonshine's Magic Of The Night
*CH Bear Creek Charli's No Angel
 *Shanku's Definition Of Type *BISS CH Moonshine's Magic Of The Night
*CH Shanku's Lady Luck Of Fortune
*CH Dreamland-Rio's Princess Xena *BIS CH Rio's Go For The Gusto * BISS CH Rio's Texas Hi-Riser
*CH Rio's Stormy Pywakit
Dreamland's Masquerade *BIS CH Versaw's Star of Justin
Trademark's Foolish Valentine
*CH Rio's Goody Goody Gum Drop *AM/INT/PR/PAM CH Rio's Taino Sun-Riser *MBISS CH Rio's Texas Hi-Riser *CH Saison Hi-Risin Bisquit
* CH Wachia's Nothing To Hide of Rio
*CH Medley's Gidget at Sanders Full Moon Toi Gei Kenpo
Medley's Smooth as Silk
*CH Rio's Designer Original *CH Ayran Hong's Jamal Black Tiger *CH XiShan's Coner The Market
*MCH Ghattas Margot
*CH Rio's Gemstone From Heaven *MBISS CH Rio's Texas Hi-Riser
*CH Rio's Ruby Slippers

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